"...refinishing is a great way to stretch your remodel dollars."

Refinishing or reglazing is a means of applying a new surface to the existing structure.  By keeping the existing structure and resurfacing it, you save money for two reasons.  One, there is not the heavy cost of tear out and installation.  Two, you don’t have to purchase a whole new structure.  Refinishing of Oklahoma specializes in bathtubs and countertops.  Most people know, bathrooms and kitchens sell and/or rent homes.  Whether you are a home owner looking to remodel your home to live in, or to rent it out, refinishing is a great way to stretch your remodel dollars.

To tear out a 1950’s tub and tile surround is extremely expensive, because they don’t make things like they used to.  In the 50’s, they used about 3 inches of cement with chicken wire running through it to keep the surround water tight and structurally sound for a long long time. 


Today, you have 3/8 inch cement board that scores easily for cutting.  That old cast iron tub is heavy, really heavy, and heavy duty.  Most people who rip them out end up replacing it with a more “economic” fiberglass model.  99.99% of fiberglass shower inserts are not installed correct today, leading to additional costly repairs. It’s far better to keep that cast iron tub, and here are a few reasons why:

That cast iron tub is going to keep heat for a bath far longer that a thin piece of fiberglass. Thats why all tubs used to be made out of cast iron or porcelain, people used to only take baths.
You have somewhere to run when the tornado sirens are going off. You aren’t going to crack the floor.