Bathtub Refinishing

Have you been putting off getting your bathtub replaced because of the massive inconvenience and cost? 


Bathtub remodels have been known to take weeks, especially when you run into plumbing issues.  Refinishing your bathtub only takes 3 to 6 hours, and it’s back to use within 6 hours!


  • Save up to 80% over replacement cost!

  • Able to refinish or re-glaze any material: fiberglass, cast iron, steel, acrylic, name it!

  • Non-slip surface available upon request

  • Metal Tubs: Rust, pitting, erosion easily repaired

  • Big cracks, holes, and chips easily repaired on fiberglass

  • Repairs that last!

A conservative estimate for replacing a bathtub is between $2,000 to $4,000.  We can refinish it in your choice of color, at a fraction of the cost.  When you replace a tub, you aren’t just looking at the cost of the tub, you also have to take into consideration tearing out the tile surround and the floor.  If the door is too small to remove the tub, you also have to include the cost of tearing your door out and putting it back.  All of this it time and money.  With proper care and maintenance, your refinished tub can last 15-20 years.  Tile refinishing, sink refinishing, and countertop refinishing are ideal solutions for repairing small cosmetic blemishes in fixtures that are in otherwise good condition.

High quality prep work is vital to a high quality finished product.  We take pride in providing the most meticulous surface preparation in the business.  If the surface is not cleaned and etched properly, the finished product will only look good for months, not years.  Our process will guarantee your finished product looks and feels great for years.


Refinishing your counters is an easy way to extend the life of your existing structure.  Refinishing is almost always 50-80% cheaper than replacement, not to mention the time you save, and the mess you skip.  The process can be used on tile, formica, laminate, corian granite, marble, cultured marble, and more!  Looks great on kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, back splashes, and breakfast bars. Your counters can be returned to light duty use within 24 hours, and completely cures in 7 days.  The process makes your existing structure look like granite without the added cost of granite.  With proper care, it will extend the life of your structure 15-20 years.  The top coating is unparalleled in toughness, and is often used as an anti-graffiti coating meant to withstand the elements.There is no polishing or resealing necessary like there is with granite and marble. This exclusive material is a high tech coating which will give you the look you want for a fraction of the cost.