Products and Repairs

There are different qualities in every product you buy, whether it’s something as cheap as paint, or as expensive as a car.  The same manufacturer of a car sells the economy model and the luxury model, the same holds true for paint.  You have your Wally World paint, which is very economical, but it's cheap quality, then you have your big name commercial brand paints, which are far higher in quality but cost more.  Refinishing of Oklahoma uses the highest quality products on the market, made exclusively for this industry.

When it comes to repairs, we do it right.  The surface must be clean and free of rust, everyone does that.  What sets us apart is the extra steps and products we use to make sure your repairs last a lifetime.  Once the surface has been prepared, we use a 2 part adhesion promoter that helps the repair material hold forever. You won’t find our repairs falling off in 5-10 years, they are there to stay.